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MAGNOLIA is a database that provides students and researchers in the state access to reliable, academic peer-reviewed journals and curated age-appropriate content which are not available through public searches.

To access the database:

1. Click on "MAGNOLIA


2. Click "Sign In"

3. See the librarian for the access code.

Book with Worm


Destiny is the site used to find books located in Trigg Elementary School's library.


To search for a book:

1. Click on "TRIGG'S


2. Click on Susie Trigg

    Elementary School

3. Type in the title or author of

    the book.

Koala Reading A Book

Kid's Educational Websites


Washington County Library Systems

Links users to the Washington County Library System


Storyline Online (PreK-5th)

Allows users to access read-aloud books


PBS Learning Media (PreK-5th)

Allows to access videos and activities that support learning at home.


Khan Academy (K-12th)

Offers practice exercises and instructional videos for math, science, computer programming, history, art history, economics, and more.


National Geographic Kids (Prek-5th)

Provides games, videos, and information about animals and places to explore.


Koala Reading A Book

Kid's (FUN) Websites


Sesame Street (PreK-1st)

Allows users to explore games, videos, and art activities.

Seussville (PreK-3rd)

Provides activities, crafts, recipes, and learning guides.


ABCya (PreK-5th)

Provides educational games and activities for elementary students.


Funbrain (PreK-5th)

Provides computer games that are fun and educational.


Starfall (PreK-3rd)

Provides phonics-based games to improve reading skills.

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Professional Development Websites

The following websites provide professional development opportunities for teachers:


Mississippi Department of Education


North Mississippi Education Consortium


Delta Area Association for Improvement of Schools

Reach Mississippi